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This Is Our Story.

We Are A Modern Marketing & Communication Agency


Meta4 is a modern, agile marketing and communication company with a team of seasoned professionals who are dedicated to delivering an exceptional client experience. We are on a mission to find the unique story at the core of your business and deliver it in a sophisticated way to help you educate, engage, inspire and persuade your stakeholders.

We focus on striking the right balance between your strategic priorities and practical realities to ensure your objectives are both achievable and budget-friendly. Founded in 2008, our name is a twist on the word “metaphor,” which is one of the most powerful rhetorical tools used frequently to help a concept resonate with its intended audience.

We specialize in serving professional services, health care, education and manufacturing firms from our headquarters in suburban Milwaukee.

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Meta4 Marketing & Communication helps clients develop strategic plans to overcome challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. We help manage brands, reputations, content and change. But mostly, we just help. Whatever your pain points are, we can find the right way forward. 

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